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Regional Studies Association

The Regional Studies Association is a triumvirate of a think tank, a scholarly journal, and an ancillary organisation. This multidisciplinary organization is a great example of what a large, well-funded research institution can accomplish. They have a laudable track record of producing cutting edge research in their fields. Their main areas of focus are urban and rural economics, social, cultural, and political geography, as well as regional and subnational policymaking and regulatory processes. There are five scholarly journals in the portfolio. In addition to this, the organisation hosts a number of events and conferences to help promote knowledge exchange and networking.

As one would expect from a group with a vested interest in a particular topic, their research is not without controversy. Some of the more colourful publications have been tainted by the recent political turmoil in the UK. However, there is no doubt that the organisation continues to make a major contribution to the study of local and regional politics in the UK and beyond. For instance, the Institutional academies has a well-funded network of around a dozen research centres, many of which are at the forefront of tackling the myriad challenges of urban and rural economics. One of the most prominent examples of this is the work of the Centre for Cities, which has had an impact on the study of cities throughout the world.