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Netball Courts Near Me

Whether your kids are avid netball courts near me already attending lessons, or simply want to shoot some hoops, we have a range of awesome outdoor spaces that will help them hone their skills. The best part is that they’ll also get all that energy out while having fun with their friends.

There are a range of full and half basketball and netball courts in Brisbane City Council parks. Find the perfect space for your family by using the explore tab or use our search tool below.

One of our favourite spots for a bit of everything is the fabulous Mackillop Oval in Kincumber. This amazing outdoor space is home to a huge skate park, tennis courts and ovals for ball sports, as well as a full sized basketball court. Plus, it has a bike and scooter path that loops around the whole park so families can tick all their exercise boxes in one spot! Playing in Puddles visited; check out our review here.

Discover the Best Netball Courts Near Me: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re a keen netball player looking for a club, we recommend checking out our list of clubs in the explore tab and getting in touch with them directly to learn more about registration and fees. You can also join as an individual and participate in our Saturday club competitions if you’d like to play netball casually with a group of friends or if your child is ready for competitive matches.

If you’re based in the outskirts of Melbourne, Chobham Academy has four floodlit netball courts marked with reduced-sized netball goalposts. They’re located on the grounds of the new school that was built as a legacy for the Olympic Games and have onsite changing rooms.

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