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Breath Coach Training

Breath coach training is becoming an increasingly popular way to help people heal from stress, anxiety, depression and physical discomfort. It’s a career path that requires a lot of commitment, dedication and drive to succeed, but the rewards are worth it.

Why do people scream during breathwork?

There are many different ways to get breath coach certification, and it’s important to choose a course that works well with your lifestyle and schedule. This can mean going in-person to attend a weekend workshop or getting certified online.

The best breath coach training programs teach you a variety of techniques, including yoga and pranayama exercises, modern modalities like Soma Breath, and meditation practices that are rooted in both ancient wisdom and modern science. These courses will help you become a well-rounded breathwork practitioner and instructor so that you can be confident in sharing breathwork with your clients.

A great breath coach training program will also help you develop your coaching skills so that you can help your clients feel empowered and receptive to the power of breathing. You’ll learn the right ways to approach each client, when to use the appropriate technique and when not to, and you’ll gain a deep understanding of how breathwork can be used in healing and transformational sessions.

It’s also a good idea to research the beliefs and philosophies of the breath coach training program you’re considering. Make sure to find someone who embodies the values you’d like to work with, and one who’ll inspire you to grow as a breathwork professional.

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