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How to Apply a Windshield Banner

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A windshield banner is a great way to promote your business! They’re perfect for displaying company names, office managers, or any other information that’s important to your customers.

Personalized window decals are available in small and large sizes, making them easy to customize for your needs. Printed with high-quality 600 DPI UV printing, they’re visible from far away.

Vinyl window decals are easily applied to most surfaces with a squeegee tool. This squeegee is made of plastic, providing easy handling and pressure control.

Before applying your banner, lay it on the window and decide how low you’d like it to go down the glass. This depends on personal preference and the size of your windshield.

Get Noticed with Windshield Banners: A Guide to Designing and Installing Custom Banners on Your Vehicle’s Windshield

You may want to use a ruler to measure the distance from your top seal down to the center of the window to get an idea of how deep you’ll need to place your banner. Most cars have a marking called the AS1 line on the glass that shows where window tint or banners can’t go lower than.

Once you have an idea of where you’d like to place the banner, start at one side and make your way to the other. This will create a vertical line that is much easier to maintain once you get to the other half.

Once both sides are laid down run the squeegee up and down the material to press out any air bubbles that are stuck in the paper backing. This will make cutting the excess material easier later on.

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