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Buying Used Commercial Espresso Machines

used commercial espresso machines

Used commercial espresso machines are a great way to get high-quality equipment at an affordable price. They can be found in a variety of places, from local classified ads to coffee shops and cafes that upgrade their equipment. However, it’s important to be careful when shopping for a used espresso machine because not all sellers are created equal. It’s best to shop with a reputable reseller that specializes in selling espresso machines, such as Coffee Machine Depot USA or Whole Latte Love, so that you know they have thoroughly inspected each machine and repaired any issues before offering it for sale.

Espresso Excellence on a Budget: Your Guide to Buying a Used Commercial Espresso Machine

In addition to the quality of the refurbishing process, it’s also helpful to consider how the espresso machine was previously used, and whether you’re comfortable with potential maintenance needs. For example, some used espresso machines may require a daily purge to remove any coffee sediment that builds up over time. This is usually done by removing the portafilter and running water through the filter for about 30 seconds. Other machines, like those with a reservoir, require the use of a faucet to manually refill the water reservoir.

A final consideration is the availability of a warranty and return policy. It’s usually a good idea to purchase a machine from a seller who offers a warranty, as this provides additional peace of mind. This is particularly true when purchasing a refurbished machine, as these typically come with a warranty that can last up to a year.

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